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12 January 2020

There is no day without sin

There is no day without sin
That's the dilemma we experience every day.
But God's forgiveness is always ready for us.
Therefore, it is obligatory for us to repent of all the small and big sins, which appear or are hidden.

Because repentance is the first step that a servant steps on in his moral journey. And that is the basis of all maqom (position with Allah) and Allah likes those who repent.

In this case Allah SWT said,

"Verily, Allah accepts repentance from His servants and forgives evil deeds."

Rasulullah SAW said,

"People who repent of sin are like innocent people."

However, we must know that repentance will not be valid without being accompanied by leaving the sinful act and deep regret for the action and the determination to not repeat it for the rest of his life.

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People who truly repent have several signs. Among them are heartbreaking, crying a lot, always being obedient, and away from friends who behave badly and away from immoral places.
The duty of a believer is to guard himself from disobedience, both small and large as he protects himself from burning flames, submerging water, and deadly poisons.

Therefore, let us not pursue immorality which is done but not immediately repent. And don't rejoice after committing the sin.
If you fall into it, then immediately cover it up, hate it, and repent from it.

And we should also constantly renew our repentance to Allah, multiply forgiveness both during the day and night, especially before dawn. Because humans will never be separated from various kinds of disobedience both dhohir and mind.

Suffice it to be an example for us Rasulullah SAW, every day he is taking over 70 times. Even though he is the Apostle who is ma'shum (free from error and sin).

Let us multiply our forgiveness to Allah SWT, we repent with the repentance of the nasuhah, because the mercy of Allah is broader than our sins.

May Allah forgive our sins and accept our repentance. Aamiin Yaa Robb

Source: Risalatul Mu’awanah

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