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19 March 2017

How to Improve the Moral of Young Generation

Kawan Kabarmadrasah
Berikut ini kami menghaturkan beberapa dokumen untuk naskah pidato berbahasa Inggris untuk dijadikan referensi buat mengikuti lomba atau sekedar menambah skill kita
contoh pidato

Assalamu’alaikum Warohmatullohi Wabarokatuh
Honorable the judge
Honorable the committee of this competition
And all the audiences in this contest that I’m respectfull

First of all, let’s thank to God Allah SWT that we can gather here on this nice day
Secondly, sholawat and salaam be just to our prophet Muhammad SAW who has safe mankind from destruction to the peace. He had been example on the moral side , as his said : Innamaa bu’istu liutammima makaarimal akhlaqi,
Thirdly, I would like to say thank for the committee who has given me a chance to deliver a speech. I will use the forum to improve my English skill and to give some information to all of you. I hope that my speech will be usefull for us. I would like to deliver my speech entitled : “How to improve the moral of young generation” .
The honorable juries, committee, and all participants of this competition
Nowadays, our society is experiencing moral degradation to be able said on the third stadium. Some example of moral degradation are :
•    Young generation used narcotics, and drugs. They thought that using the drugs could solve their problem. You know , it isn’t true. It can endanger our life
•    They are false to mean modernizations and westernizations. We have seen, many boys and girls have bad attitude. Like free sex, wear miniskirt and so on
•    They change the idol from prophet Muhammad SAW to artist ( celebrities ). They prefer to imitate their’s action that our prophet Muhammad , Naudzu billah
The honorable juries, committee and all participants of this competition
May be, it is a part of example degradation of moral, but before I speak long , I want to ask  to you all, what is the meaning of moral?? Anybody Know? don’t know what the meaning of moral. OK. I will explain it .
Moral is habits culture from behavior of human that good or bad. Then how to improve the moral of our young generation? Who have receipts?
The honorable juries, committee and all participants of this competition
I’ve five receipts to improve the moral :
1.    Read Alqur’an , not read the novel, comics, etc.
We know that Alqur’an is the guidelines for us to get the happiness in the word and the here after
2.    Get relation with good person ( sholeh)
Having a good friend will give us some advantages than the bad friends
3.    Fasting to fight humanity passion
With fasting we can prevent ourselves to do the sinfulness
4.    Praying Tahajjud
To be nearer with Allah , we should use our time to be better
5.    Always remember to Allah in any situation
We must be afraid to allah and remember Him, whenever, whatever, and wherever.
Do you remember it, my friends? I repeat once more. Save on your mind, then  we carry out the fifth receipts it. So Insya Allah we will be the young Muslem generation that have level headedhuman potentials that bared level headed or good moral
The honorable juries, committee and all participants of this competition
That’s all my speech . I hope you can understand what I told yu and it may be useful for us. I think it’s time for me to finish this speech and thank you for your attention.
Please forgive me for my mistakes
Wallahul Muwafiq Ilaa Aqwamit Thoriq
Wassalamu’alaikum warohmatullohi wabarokatuh


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