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21 March 2017

Honesty in The Daily Life

 Kawan Kabarmadrasah
satu lagi yang dapat kami haturkan untuk panjenengan dalam memperkaya khasanah materi dan skill dalam pidato bahasa inggris, mari kita simak ....!
Assalamu’alaikum Warohmatullohi wabarokatuh
The Honorable the juries
The Honorable the committee of the competitions
The honorable all the participans and the audiences of this speech contest

Firstly, Alhamdulillah we said to Allah SWT ,god who has given us healthy body and the good opportunity to meet in this occasion.
Secondly, Sholawat and salam be just to our prophet Muhammad SAW , who carried us from jahiliyyah er to Islamic era until now
Ladies and gentlemen
Nowadays, our country Indonesia has been developing in many fields. The developing process included not only to develop many infrastructures but also to developthe human being resources. As we know, our countrynfaces many problems. Such as : the poverty rate is still very high, the unemployment problems, the educationand the health problem and the other. So we have to solve these problems in order to be a prosperous country. Unfortunately, our effort to solve these problems have been dirty by some bad practices. They are corruption, collusion, and nepotism. It is serious problem if we don’t stop it, I think we will be poor nation forever. What’s a pity?
Ladies and gentlemen

How to solve it? Many people said that the corruption problem in Indonesia is very compilated. So, it is very difficult to attempt it. They also said that the corruption hd been part of our culture . is it true? However , our government has made some rules and the commission to run out this problem. But there are too many cases. Wow…..

Ladies and gentlemen
Majority Indonesian are moslem. Is it true? In my opinion , they have not understood the Islamic rules correctly. For example: what important the honesty in our life. May be only few people in Indonesia can act and saying truth. Allah said in Al qur;an
Yaa ayyuhalladzina aamanuu lima taquuluuna maalaa taf’aluun
Our prophet , Muhammad also said :
Qulil haqqo walau kaana murro
So in our life, we should be able to say and practice the honesty whatever, whenevwe, and wherever. How to do that? Whwn and where?
Ladies and gentlemen

To do the honesty in every activity, we can start from :
1.    Ourselves
We begin doing and saying honesty from our selves. For example : we are students. We can practice the honesty by coming to school on time, don’t cheat if there is a test. And also we must obey our parents and also our teacher. Don’t ever say a life . if we are a civil servant, we have to work hard. Our duty is advices from Allah and Indonesian people. We must realize that.
If every people can do this, I think our beloved country Indonesia will solve the problem.
2.    Our family
Our family is the smallest society in our nation. If there is the honesty amog the members of our family, it will from the happy family in the world and hereafter.
3.    From Now
we can’t make longer to do it. If not, our nation must be sacrificed. And the effect is, the damage and the destructionnwill happen in our country

Ladies and gentlemen
The last, we know that a lie is munafiq attitude. As our prophet said :
Ayatul munafiqi tsalatsun
1.    Idza hadasa kadzaba
2.    Waidza wa’ada akhlafa
3.    Waidza’tumina khona

I think it is enough. Thank you for your attention. See you next time

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb


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